The tactics of choosing major : the flip-side of your interest

Choosing major is the first big problem that every freshmen will face in their university life, while somebody treat it very importantly, claimed that it may affect their future career. Therefore they study hard in order to pick their desire major. On the other side, there are people treat it naturally, claimed that year one of university life shouldn’t spent on studying, while put time on being a committee of different societies, living in hall, and get to know more people is more important than study. For myself, I am the one who tends to support both-sides: I have a targeted major that I have a big interest in it, also the career follows. while I still don’t want to waste my year one on studying and sacrifice all the activities. 


Let me give you a brief summary of what am I really studying, and what are the major subjects I can choose with for you. The School of Creative Media is what am I studying in City University. While it provide environment for creative people to develop their own area of interest and talent for their future career, included filming, audio making, programming, animation, photography…etc. There are three major subjects that provide for us to choose, which are Bachelor of Arts (BA) , Bachelor of Sciences (BsC) and Bachelor of New media Arts (BAS). BA is subject that focus on mastering in filming, photographing and audio making these art works that physically exist. And BsC is focus on programming, animation, and game design these computing and technical works. Lastly BAS is focus on combining Art and Science together, also specific in New media form, therefore it included scientific knowledge and media techniques. 


My goal is to choose BA as my major subject, and the only reason is straight however is not flexible: I am interested in it.


Filming and audio making are really my interests, that I am quite obsessed on studying these two area of knowledges. Especially in audio, because I am a person who love music a lot, which play drums for over 12 years and being in a band for about 5 years. Therefore I would like to learn more about audio and music editing job ,and somehow maybe that’s what I am looking for in my future career, so called my ”dream job”. Filming and photography are also in my range of interests, that we all know we will study with more passion on subjects we have interest, right? 


 However, BA is a subject that have a well-known shortcoming – ”difficult to make money” .

Yes, you may claim that making money is depends on different person and a lot of variables, such as talent and luck. But somehow filming making and photography these kind of jobs are classified as ”artist” job, which are not needed in Hong kong this fast growing economic city. Therefore it have a higher possibilities that fresh graduates from BA may not have opportunities to seek jobs they like, or jobs that in their ” income range”.  You may claim that some of them can really make a lot of money and have a lot of opportunities of seeking jobs. And I can tell you that is because they are talented, but not all the fresh graduates are. Plus it really depends on the luck and trend of the times, sometimes people made idea that no one ever made and suitable for the time, then they are already succeeded, such as that guy help people to take polaroid photos on Mong Kok street, which is from School of Creative Media, too. While in the flip side, it mean BA is a job that with high risk and varies career. 


Then what about BsC and BAS? 


BAS is a major that kinda tends to be an too idealized subject, which do not have high opportunities of job seeking, also included knowledges that I am not interested in, therefore I didn’t planned to choose it as my major.  


BsC is a subject that meet the requirement of the modern market. Fresh graduates are mostly trained to know the techniques and skills of media such as programming and animation. This can provide new blood to the new media market – the new trend of worldwide. Market such as smartphone app making and media advertising are mostly require for any type of company nowadays, therefore BsC is a major that can ensure us to have steady income and job seeking opportunities. 


However those are the things that I wouldn’t have interest to learn, also even through it may provide me a steady or higher income, if it is a job that I don’t like, that is just putting cart before the horse. Therefore at the end, the conclusion is that I will follow my interest to choose my major, which I ignore all the shortcoming and future career things, believe that doing things that I like is more important than making money while doing things I hate. And this is my tactics on choosing major.

My second home

When I put my first step into my room, the feeling of the ground tiles runs along my body to my brain. It is a hard, cold and indifferent feeling that you can’t resist to shiver a bit, like the room whispering beside your ears, tells you that she is very lonely, tells you that she is sad.

The hue of the room tends to be cold and grey: green floor, grey-yellowish wall, dark blue bed, and some wooden furnitures. The first thing that catches my eyes are the two beds that lies in front of me. They are compose with metal bedstead, cold and silent ; the crease of the sheets are like the ripples of a silent lake ; sad and indifferent.


I walk into the room, slowly and steadily, aware of waking up this poor little room.

Warm wind of summer afternoon blows pass through the window, and through my body.

I can smell the odor of the dust, the wood, the new oil paint, together with the smell of oppress, depress and the mid-summer warm air.  

The sky today is cloud-covered grey, whole city is under the dark mist ; the sun is hiding behind the clouds, covering his face nervously: that he knows someone is going to replace his role so soon. Unsurprisingly, clouds start to gather ; it drizzles – rain patters start to against the glass steadily ; the scenery outside the window start to become fuzzy. People on the street looks like a drowned rat, all soaked to the skin.  


I calmly look at the blurred window, started to feel this room may not be a suitable place for me in this upcoming year. I asked myself, how am i suppose to live in a room which far from my expect? 


While all comes the sudden, the sun poked a small hole on the curtain of clouds, slowly give it a sneak peek, wanting to see how hilarious all the soaked people are.  


Sunlight flow through the window, scattering inside the room, on the surface of the wooden table and wall. The wooden color of the table in the wake of the sunlight become a warm-feeling light brown, that makes you feel comfortable in the room.

Lots of tiny white spots shining on the beige wall of my room, like the galaxy of the night sky; Dusts are floating in the bath of sunlight, like a pile of fairies flying happily ; Blue sky reflex on the beige wall, like a small droplet of blue paint drop on a white paper ;  


I involuntarily fell down on the bed, switches all my senses as much as possible, enjoying these everything inside my room. All these sunlight, beige wall, blue floor, smells and feelings. In the wake of the sunlight, now the feelings of the room is far from my first impression: she become kind, lovely, optimism, and approachable. That I am willing to stay inside this room of my upcoming year, and name it as “My second home”.